Mineral Insulated Elements

Mineral insulated (MI) sensors are insulated with tightly compacted magnesium oxide powder enclosed in various metal sheaths.

Hot Junction is formed in inert gas atmosphere AND tested for Leakage with Nitrogen gas under pressure.

Simplex or Duplex assemblies.
• Vibration-Proof, Fast-Response, High Insulation Resistance, Accurate and Stable. Termination: Pot Seal with Flying Lead (PSL), Male Female Connector (MFC), Connection Head (HEAD) & Junction. Box - for multipoint assembly - (JB).
• Sheaths can be bent, twisted and flattened to suit application.
• Length can be from few inches to several meters.
• TIC type: K, T, J, E, N with sheath diameters from 1 mm to 19.1 mm
• TIC Sheath material: SS 304, 316, 310, 321, 446, *Inconel 600, *Incolloy 800/825.
• TIC Junctions can be Grounded or Insulated (Un-Grounded).
• RTD type: PT 100 simplex or duplex, two or three wire system.
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