Plastic Machine Bayonet Thermocouples And RTD's TYPE - G

Cart No. Calibration Type Standard Length
Y2k-25 K 60, 90, 120, 150 or more 1, 2, 3, 4, meter or more on request
Y2k-26 J
Y2k-27 T
Y2k-28 Pt-100 2 or 3 wire system
1) Install Adapter
2) Insert thermocouple Probe into Adapter.
3) Hold Thermocouple Probe firmly against bottom of Adapter Well.
4) Press down and twist Locking Cap to lock it against the Adapter.
5) Be certain that the thermocouple is firmly seated in Adapter Well.

Stainless Steel or Brass Chrome Plated Adapter
The stainless steel or brass chrome plated adapter accommodated the lockcap assembly to bottom the hot junction in holes in machines walls, cylinder or dies. Standard adapter 1/8" BSP, 1/2" BSM, 3/8", BSP, M12 x 1.75mm or as per requirement.

Hole Depth using Adapter
To determine a dimension for use with bayonet find minimum and maximum limits on Hole or Immersion Depth table, and read 'A' dimension in left hand column.

Hole Depth "C" in mm Probe Length "A" in mm
28.0mm Long Adaptor 35.0mm Long Adaptor 60.0mm Long Adaptor 24.0mm Adaptor
6mm to 10mm 60mm 70mm 95mm 40m
10mm to 20mm 75mm 80mm 105mm
20mm to 30mm 85mm 90mm 115mm
30mm to 40mm 95mm 100mm 125mm
40mm to 50mm 105mm 110mm 135mm
50mm to 60mm 115mm 120mm 145mm
60mm to 70mm 125mm 130mm 155mm
70mm to 80mm 135mm 140mm 165mm
80mm to 90mm 145mm 150mm 175mm
90mm to 100mm 155mm 160mm 185mm
Standard Length "A" 60mm
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