Plastic Machine Bayonet Thermocouples And RTD's / TYPE - C

Cart No. Calibration Type Standard Length
Y2k-9 K 1, 2, 3, 4, meter or more on request
Y2k-10 J
Y2k-11 T
Y2k-12 Pt-100 2 or 3 wire system
1) Install Adapter. (For A, B, C)
2) Insert Thermocouple Probe intro Adapter.
3) Hold Thermocouple Probe firmly against bottom of Adapter Well.
4) Rotate Locking Cap along Adjustable Sprint towards until it is about    minimum 25.0mm distance from the Adapter.
5) Press down and twist Locking Cap to lock it against the Adapter.
6) Be certain that the thermocouple is firmly seated in the Adapter Well.
7) The lead must be free to move to allow the Adjustable spring compress at the probe end.
8) To adjust the stem length, hold the Knurling portion and move the Beyonet left or right hand wy to adjust the stem length.

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